Why is life expectancy shorter in the US?

On This Page American Life Expectancy Dropped By A Full Year In 1st Half Of 2020 How do you assess inequality in the distribution of life expectancy at birth? Mortality and life expectancy by age “Life Expectancy” – What does this actually mean? Trends and patterns of geographic variation in cardiovascular mortality among US counties, […]

Could dental therapists bridge the gap after Brexit?

Dentistry should utilise the full capabilities of dental therapists to resolve the dental crisis, Amber Ojak says. Recently I have noticed an increase in focus on the impact Brexit may have on the dental sector. At the end of 2017, 16.3% of dentists registered in the UK were from the European Economic Area. Yet the […]

Blue Crown Dental – the new dental corporate

Blue Crown Dental is the new corporate coming to dentistry. Here we speak to Sath Ponnusamy, founding director, to find out what is new and different with Blue Crown Dental. Can you introduce yourself and give us your background? Before this I was focusing on social enterprises. There was a wide range – homelessness. And […]

Push for government to abandon dental NHS targets

Dentist pushes for government to make changes to NHS contract targets for dentistry after weeks of no action. Speaking on the BBC Breakfast Show with Nicky Campbell, BDA chair Eddie Crouch voiced his views on the continued access troubles in dentistry. ‘I think dentistry has had a problem for a significant number of years,’ he […]

the truth behind halitosis – Dentistry Online

Arifa Sultana uncovers the truth behind halitosis and explains how to control the issue in the 21st century. Halitosis, fetor oris, oral malodour and bad breath are all terms used to describe an unpleasant odour emanating from a person’s mouth. It is a problem that has plagued humanity for thousands of years. Some of the […]

Research update: implant fracture – Dentistry Online

Dentistry Online presents the latest abstracts published examining the factors contributing to dental implant fractures. Analysis of the causes of dental implant fracture: A retrospective clinical study Stoichkov B, Kirov D (2018) Quintessence Int 49(4): 279-86 Objective Fracture of osseointegrated dental implants is the most severe mechanical complication. The aim of the present study was to […]